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About Face Bodycare


360 Alexander Street NE
Salmon Arm, BC


Phone: (250) 833-0012

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Email: brenda@aboutfacebodycare . ca


I am a skin care specialist serving under my business name, About Face Body Care. During my 25 years in the profession I have continued to pursue my education and the advancements within the skin care industry. The most recent addition to the clinic, the first in the Okanagan valley, is Soli-Tone's photo-energy system. I have based my practice on four strongly held beliefs. 1. Obtaining healthy, vibrant skin requires a holistic approach. 2. The skin reflects the overall well-being of the individual. 3. Youthful looking skin requires time and commitment. 4. Healthy skin is attainable by blending superior, natural products with the most advanced, yet non invasive, technological procedures. About Face Body Care is committed to improving the health and appearance of your skin - at any age.


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